Preparation is key

In order to have appealing indoor space, painting plays an essential role. Final results are based on amount of preparation done to painted surface. We make sure that all areas to be painted such as ceilings, walls, trims, and doors are prepared to the highest standards in the industry. We believe that actual painting is just a final element of the project. We understand that both surface preparation and floor protection are key factors in ultimate outcome.

We spray paint!

We will make your trims, doors and windows look like factory made. Thanks to our airless spray pumps that produce smooth and brush-mark-free finishes, your home will look even more outstanding.

We paint only what needs to be painted

We, at Smart Finishes, make sure that all surfaces and belongings that are not supposed to be affected by paint or oversprayed are protected by water/paint resistant construction paper, properly selected masking tape and painter’s plastic.

Quality is our obsession

We build our business framework around customer satisfaction. If your project requires great attention to details, do not hesitate to contact us.

Luxury house interior.