Exterior painting adds value to your property

All homeowners want an beautiful home that stands out amongst the rest but also want a home that blends with its surroundings and neighbourhood. Painting exterior is a crucial element of home design that makes your home look more appealing.

Extreme Weather

Toronto has extreme weather throughout the year. Temperatures range between plus 40 to minus 40 Celsius degrees.  Therefore, we take proper measures to provide protection of your exterior surfaces. We make sure that all wood is properly sealed with exterior primers, all gaps are filled with high elastic caulking and all wood holes or deficiencies are filled with long lasting epoxy wood filler.

We use best paints

We are convinced that only best paints available on the market can survive Canadian winter and summer. Consequently, we use finest paint such as Duration from Sherwin Williams or Aura from Benjamin Moore. Both proper surface preparation and paint application guarantees years of durability.

Our exterior paint service includes:
⦁    Proper surface preparation for long lasting paint
⦁    Removal of dirt and mildew
⦁    Removal of hardware and protecting all areas which are not to be painted
⦁    Moving or covering the plants
⦁    Removing all loose paint and defective caulking
⦁    Completion of project on time and in budget